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12 Jan 2021
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“The field experience was a unique opportunity and full of passion for learning. I gained the knowledge and skills I always was passionate to have in order to work in such an exceptional and humanistic profession".  

Neeli Alnuaimi 

Early Childhood Major , Fall 2020


“The field experience was so valuable, especially the interactive activities and training which enabled me to enhance my teaching skills that are necessary to become a successful teacher, both at the personal and professional levels,”

Amal AlEissaee

Early Childhood Major, Fall 2020


“The practical training enabled me to put the knowledge gained in the courses into real practice, the training also guided me on how to interact with all members at work, students, teachers, and parents.”

Sabah Alahbabi

Math and Science Major, Fall 2018


“I was able during the field experience training to apply what I have learned at the campus and explore it in real life. I acquired values and skills such as such patience, being disciplined and organized, and time management.”


Special Education Major, spring 2020


"We work collaboratively with the FEO to keep participating students updated with developments taking place in the MoE curricula, initiatives, and educational technological aids, all which greatly impact their performance"

 Sharina Almarar

Academic Quality Improvement Officer

Ministry of Education, UAE

 " FEO has given great deal of attention toward strengthening the partnership with the educational sector to establish the link between theoretical knowledge and filed practices which enabled candidate students to closely and fully live genuine experiences that help develop their professional, social, and personal competencies.."
Eman Ali Jaffal

Lead Principal

Ministry of Education, UAE


UAE Government
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